Himalayan pink salt has long been a popular mineral treatment for many years. The secret: It’s pink hue comes from the tiny crystals of tiny pink salt rocks that are mined by scientists and chemists in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It gets its color from iron trace minerals found in the pink salt, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. It’s also high in sodium and chloride, making it a wonderful alternative to table salt. How does it do all of this?

Himalayan pink salt benefits actually stem from a number of different factors. For starters, it can help you get rid of body odors. When your body’s sweat glands produce sweat for a number of reasons, some of which are out of balance, it can lead to an unpleasant odor on your body. Rock salt has a high concentration of potassium and chloride, which can help neutralize these odors. It’s one of the better qualities of this type of salt for health benefits because of these two factors.

It’s also a good alternative to regular table salt because it has a lower concentration of sodium and chloride. Because it’s naturally pink, you don’t have to worry about it tasting bad. If anything, pink Himalayan salt can have a slightly bitter taste. Some suggest adding it to recipes to offset the bitterness, but it doesn’t have to be a major addition; just a few drops will suffice. You won’t notice a huge difference, but it’s a great addition to your pantry if you’re looking to stay salt free.

Like most Himalayan salts, pink Himalayan salt also has trace minerals that can benefit your health. Magnesium, calcium, and potassium are all found in higher concentrations in this type of rock salt than you’ll find in regular table salt. Magnesium can help regulate blood pressure, especially important if you suffer from hypertension. Calcium is important for strong bones and the proper growth of both children and adults.

Potassium is crucial for regulating muscle tone and fluid levels in your body, so adding any of these trace minerals into your diet can help you feel stronger and improve your energy levels. As with calcium, pink Himalayan salt contains trace minerals that can help alleviate the symptoms of high blood pressure as well as other diseases. Potassium also contributes to fluid removal from the body, allowing it to carry waste away from cells. This contributes to a healthy digestive system and helps keep fluid levels constant.

It’s clear that the health benefits of Himalayan pink salt are considerable. But be sure to use it with caution. As with any absorbable mineral, it can contribute to the absorption of undesirable substances into your bloodstream. Also be certain to pick up a package of your favorite health food store’s Himalayan pink salt and monitor your health.

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