When it comes to high end foods that are considered luxurious and delicious, few come close to truffle salt. It may not be as readily recognized as fine white sugar, but it is even more delectable. Truffle salt is the perfect addition to any recipe calling for truffle, whether using it as a main ingredient or a garnish.

truffle salt

While seasoning it with it first, truffle salt really adds to the intense taste of any dish. What exactly is black truffle salt anyway? It is usually just salt and tiny pieces of truffle, sometimes a very rare type of fungus known as “black truffle.”

Historically, truffle salt was used in the French cooking at the table. This was because the French tended to eat much less food than their Continental counterparts, and their dishes were thus less rich and oily. Because less was more in the French cuisines, the French also tended to do without most of the fancy ingredients that are part of the American diet. Simplicity was key in the French cooking of the period, and this was especially true in the matter of flavor. Few dishes were complete without a few simple herbs and spices, and these elements were always kept to a minimum.

Today we have access to much larger supplies of salt, and it is easier to find a wide range of salts in a wide range of flavors. So what is now on the market? We now tend to find salts that have been treated with iodine, sulfur, or chlorine salts. These minerals help make the dish retain its saltiness, yet give it a little bit of zest. We also tend to find truffle salt in place of table salt, which is not only cheaper, but also healthier for us.

The health benefits of using truffle salt are many. The minerals and fatty acids help to cleanse the digestive system, and make digestion easier. The unrefined salt is also much healthier for you than table salt because it has less sodium and more magnesium and other trace minerals in it. Table salt is loaded with sodium, and this salt can cause unnecessary sodium loss from our bodies.

The question that many people ask is how to make truffle salt taste good. Some people have difficulty in this department because many times this treat is served when you are having company. When this is the case, the guests do not know the difference between this type of salt and regular table salt. For this reason, the best way to get around this problem is to make sure that you purchase your salt from a supplier who uses a selective filtration process. This will ensure that all of the mineral content is distilled out, leaving behind the superior flavor.

Another question often asked is whether or not truffle salt needs to be stocked on hand at all times. Many chefs choose to stock truffle salt for use in their favorite dishes because it has a distinctively unique flavor. It also does not have a great deal of sodium, as many other table salts do. While it is not necessary to keep truffle salt on hand at all times, it is certainly nice to have on hand, should you choose to use it. You can also find sea salt that has a similar flavor.

When people buy truffle salt, they usually also buy some type of other truffle salt product along with it. This includes smoked paprika, and a variety of herbs such as Rosemary, thyme, basil, and oregano. While the flavor of real truffles can vary widely from one product to another, you can create some interesting dishes with these great spices. They add a lot of flavor and fun to food, making them a fine choice for many dishes.

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