A chat bot is a program software program used to perform an on-line chat communication through text or voice-to-voice, instead of giving direct personal contact with an actual human agent. chat bot works similar to the email program, except it runs on chat networks like Yahoo, AOL, AIM and so on. Most chat bots are independent programs that can be downloaded for free from websites. A chat bot is designed to perform specific tasks, like reading emails and posting messages on blogs.

There are several types of chat bots available on the internet, such as Yahoo chat bots, Microsoft ad-hoc bots, Facebook chat bots and so on. Almost all these robots are designed to perform a certain set of functions. Some of the most popular and well-used website chat bot are those provided by Yahoo Messenger Bot, Google Talk bot, AOL bot, Mozilla bot, and so on. These website chat bot is mostly programmed to perform tasks, which include following a topic/topic response, finding a friend/relative using their given name, sending private messages to other members of a website (called a “chat group”), forwarding messages to designated recipients, retrieving a link, and reading and responding to emails.

As the technology advances and grows, so do the capabilities of chat bots. Today, chat bots are also able to use applications and plug-ins developed specifically for them to enhance their productivity. Such examples are the Yahoo Messenger Bot which allows you to search and send Yahoo email. Another example is Google Now that integrate itself with Gmail and allows the two to share information and tasks. And so on.

The advancement of artificial intelligence combined with ever-increasing interaction possibilities paved the way towards the development of chat bots. Today, these chat bots are able to understand not only verbal but also non-verbal communication. Such has made the task of searching through hundreds of thousands of web pages a thing of the past.

These chat bots are also equipped with artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence allows these bots to recognize particular situations that may call for human intervention. So instead of looking for that particular user or getting busy in searching for a chat bot user with whom you were chatting, it will search and connect you with someone it deems appropriate. You can either log-in to your Yahoo Messenger account or perform a Yahoo local search. There are also a number of apps that are specially designed for Yahoo Messenger Bot.

Yahoo Messenger Bot is another example of a chat bot that uses artificial intelligence. While it can connect to Yahoo e-mail, this ability is not limitless. Yahoo Messenger Bots can also perform tasks such as scheduling of messages and setting up of new Yahoo groups. While there are some users who may find it beyond their capabilities to do such tasks, most people are able to do them quite effortlessly by utilizing chat bots.

There are other chat bots specifically designed for Yahoo Messenger. Apart from scheduling of messages and setting up of groups, these chat bots can also direct messages to other Yahoo Messenger users and perform actions on their behalf. This ability is similar to that of the email bots, which allows you to have your computer act as an assistant to you. The main difference between these two different types of chat bot is the extent of its artificial intelligence and the control it has over its operator. When using Yahoo chat rooms, you are the one in full control. Yahoo’s Bot offers more control to the user.

Chat bots are considered to be a technology and they are still evolving. As more developers are coming up with newer and better versions of these software programs, it will become difficult to distinguish one chat bot from another. Even if developers were able to distinguish one artificially intelligent chat bot from the other, it would be too complicated a task to program in such a way that each chat bot performs its duties competently. With the advent of chatbot technologies, artificial intelligence will play an important role in their overall functionality.

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